Our mission is to change the perception of really good coffee for at least 1 person a day.

The rest are our regulars ;)

Mouse Tail COFFEE STORIES...funny name? Dead serious!

In barista language ‘mouse tail’ refers to the ideal shape of the stream of espresso. Fine and continuous like a mouse tail = the perfect extraction of espresso.

And Coffee Stories? Well, our people like to talk. And we have many good stories to tell...

Our beans


We roast our own beans in London using Diedrich IR-12 roaster (check www.missioncoffeeworks.com). Besides exciting single origins from all around the globe we always have our very own house blend that changes every now and then (depending on seasons & what green beans we are able to source). Style wise you can expect balanced nutty notes, hints of caramel & orange and low acidity.

  • FACT 1: mouse tail espresso = double shot
  • FACT 2: size doesn’t matter. small/large = same price (ask why :)
  • FACT 3: what separates espresso from americano is water. americano just sounds better than espresso with hot water. there's no extra charge for the fancy name, water or even for the drop of milk that you might want to add.
  • FACT 4: milk is steamed to elevate the sensory experience of espresso. the right technique transforms milk to sweet, rich and velvety, virtually liquid goodness. taking this approach there’s not much difference between milky coffees such as
    cappucino, flat white, latte, piccolo etc.
    essentially they're all ESPRESSO + MILK
  • FACT 5: our milky coffees come @drinking temperature. if you like your milk dry, wet, extra hot - just ask.


Besides loving coffee we also like to eat well :) Homemade breakfast muffins, to-die-for rocky road and zingy fresh juices get us through the day.

Our lunch menu changes daily determined by our visionary chef (read: what she feels like cooking). You might find things like Quinoa salad with cured fennel, goats cheese and pomegranate seeds or sourdough toasty with pastrami, caramelised onions, smoked Applewood and wild rocket or quiche with roasted cauliflowers, potatoes, thyme and provolone cheese.

We always have some unbelievable veggie & vegan stuff and oh...she likes to bake above all!